Custom Stationery to Build Your Brand Name Most Effectively: We provide you with a custom-designed brand stationery – created by our designers to your specifications. The stationery frames your html email layout in which you create your newsletters, announcements, press releases and promotions. You benefit from a professional, highest quality design that is crafted to properly and effectively reinforce your brand with each email sent.
We offer a flexible menu of content layouts that require no html programming and make changing and creating your email campaigns VERY easy.
Personalize Your Emails and Impress Your Subscribers: MailingSmart enables you to send each subscriber an email addressed to them. If your database is missing a name you can set up default text in place of those missing names or cities with our personalized placeholders. “Dear Blank?” becomes “Dear Friend” or “Dear Colleague” or “Dear Fellow Art Enthusiast”. Similarly for fields where the recipient’s city isn’t known, “How’s the boutique wine selection in Blank?” becomes “How’s the boutique wine selection in your city?”
The placeholders are located below your campaign in edit mode (alongside your menu of links and names you have assigned them).
Quick Importation of Text and Artwork: Paste text from Word directly into the layout you have chosen which saves you time and effort.
Easy SpellCheck: Ensures Your Spelling is Accurate.
Edit and Save Quickly with MailingSmart: Our javascript-based editor works best with Internet Explorer 6.0 on a PC. Or if you work on a MAC use the (free) Mozilla Firefox browser. (The latest version of Safari is still not fully javascript enabled.)
Automatically Format Your Links: Your links are automatically formatted (for missing 'http://...' etc.) when you preview them.
Thorough Proofing and Spam Check Improves Your Delivery Rates: MailingSmart allows you to proof your campaign for filter un-friendly words, phrases or formatting likely to obstruct your delivery to some inboxes.
Automate When You Broadcast Your Emails: Conveniently schedule the time and date you want your promotion to be delivered hours or days later so that you can go on with your life.
Have Folks on Your List Who Can’t Receive html? No problema. MailingSmart automatically delivers your emails in both text and html. Your subscribers can pick the format they want. Or you can choose to send text only.
Hard-To-Reach Recipients Are Minimized: MailingSmart continues to send emails as much as 24 hours after you send them, to make sure as many emails as possible are delivered, every time.
Impress Your Subscribers: Our trigger feature sends emails automatically when certain events happen (like signups, birthdays, anniversaries). Incorporating this feature will separate you from the ordinary and help you build loyalty with your audience.
Find and Target Subscribers Based on Where They Live or Work: You have the power to easily identify those subscribers who live, or work within a specific radius (in miles, ranging from 5 to 50) from a zip code. You can send your email only to those individuals. As an example, you are visiting Boston where you are hosting a wine event with limited seating. Round up folks on your list within a 25 mile radius of the event and send out an exclusive email invitation to them. You’ve just saved yourself some money.
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