What are the primary differences between you and other email service providers?
Our services are designed for:
  • Higher quality companies who cater to a more sophisticated audience.
  • Companies whose aim is provide an excellent email experience for their subscribers.
  • People who are seeking an efficient and intuitive platform.
  • People who want the entire process to be very easy, even for a novice.
    Our customers appreciate our friendly, personalized service, something many of our competitors do not offer. You may compare our company’s services to those of others. Note the many valuable features you will enjoy.
    We’ve come across 6 or 7 e-blast service providers. How do you compare in terms of price? We cannot speak to the pricing per email, as we would not be comparing apples to apples, however we enjoy one of the highest delivery rates in the industry and our platform is undergoing constant improvements to keep you on the cutting edge and looking your best. (You want the highest delivery rate, because you pay for each email sent with any service, whether or not the email is received.)
    Our pricing is far lower for custom template stationery compared to those few competitors we have found that even offer the product. And our design standards are high. As a side note, it amazes us how many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours of special attention to designing labels, websites, packaging, signage and then settle for generic, clip-art email stationery.
    How long would it take for you to get us up and going? We recommend allowing one week in order to setup your account, download and segment your list, and for us to design your chic custom template stationery to perfection. Your stationery is designed with a great deal of care to your 100% satisfaction. If you do not want custom stationery (set graphics at the top of the email), then we must setup the framework from which you design your email. Then you have a nearly unlimited number of templates from which to choose.
    What is included in our stationery?
  • At the top of your email we place a chic graphic (your custom stationery that we craft for you). We recommend that it incorporate your logo and design elements that are consistent with your website or other marketing material. (No clip art!)
  • At the bottom of your email we must embed text that is legally required, such as, who the email is from, how to contact you, subscribe and unsubscribe link, the ability for people on your list to make changes to their existing profile (i.e., prefers red wine only), and the protection information.
  • At the top right of your email we embed a discrete icon people can click on to “forward your email to a friend” and centered above it in small type is “If you having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online”. Many people prefer to view emails online which protects them from downloading viruses. This is a feature not commonly offered by our competitors.
    Can we prepare our own e-blast design and just forward to you to broadcast it out without the stationery? Even better, we provide you the online platform to prepare/design your email at your leisure, 24/7, online. You can either send it out upon its completion, or you can schedule it to go out when you like. (To legally protect you and ourselves, we must have certain elements included in a template. Therefore, we cannot take your design by itself and broadcast it.)
    How flexible are your templates? I ask because I like to adapt my email format to the content I send out each month. We offer a highly flexible menu of content layouts that require no html programming and make changing and creating your email campaigns VERY easy.
    How can I tell if people received my email? Our platform provides you with all your statistics, such as, how many emails bounced (could not be delivered), how many were received, how many and WHO opened your emails and which links they clicked on. You can also compare your statistics from one email broadcast to another. This provides you with the tools to truly track and improve your emails’ impact.
    Can I automatically check my spelling? Yes. Not only do we have easy SpellCheck, but you can also paste your text from Microsoft Word, simplifying the creation of your email.
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