Segmenting Your Lists: One of the hottest trends in email marketing is segmenting your lists so that you can target your audience more effectively. With MailingSmart, you have the power. Organize your subscribers into groups, or segment them by location, demographics, etc. We can add additional fields as you go with an unlimited number of fields. You should see your click through rates increase with the use of list segmentation.
Adding New Folks To Your List: Manual insertions by your staff is “out”, as the error rate is very high and it takes valuable time and resources from your business. Our signup screen allows people to sign up for your emails from your campaigns, website and your location using a computer that acts as a kiosk and is set up at your site.
Confirmed Opt-In Form: Customize the ‘Thank You’ form that is automatically sent to folks who sign up for your emails.
Permanent Opt Outs: MailingSmart automatically handles opt outs and makes certain they are taken care of permanently. This is a legal requirement mandated by the Federal Government.
Subscriber Updates: Your subscribers can keep you up-to-date with changing email addresses and interests by clicking on a link that can appear on every email you broadcast. (Let us know if you would like this feature -it is not automatically generated.)
Easy List Importation: Import your existing list into Either you can do it or we can do all the work for you. Doesn’t get any easier than this.
Clean List Management: MailingSmart handles bounces and opt outs, spots formatting issues, protects you against duplicates, and works to keep your lists accurate and secure.
Your Lists Are Self-Cleaning. Whenever formatting or delivery issues occur, those individuals will be removed from your list and into an error bin for you to review.
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