Detailed Response Data: With MailingSmart, you have some of the best tracking tools in real time,
  • who opened your campaign.
  • how many opened your campaign.
  • who and how many clicked on each and every link.
  • who forwarded your campaign to friends with the built in send-to-a-friend feature.
  • who signed up for future emails after receiving emails forwarded by friends.
  • which bounced (definitely didn't get your email). Accordingly you can follow up with them if, after 24 hours, the email still does not go through. These folks are moved to your list's error bin to help you follow up and make sure you're not paying to reach people who can't be reached.
  • who opted out. MailingSmart makes certain every opt out is instant and permanent, even if you try to import them into your list two months later.
    Historic Response Archive Enables You To Review The Results of Every Campaign So That You Can Compare and Constantly Improve Your Campaigns: The results of each campaign is maintained so that you can see how you're doing comparatively and test emails to help shape your future campaigns so that you can generate ever improving results. We track and make this data available to you historically and in real time.
    Named Links For Easier Reference: You can name your links to make tracking easier. Instead of seeing that 500 people clicked on “index1/pg3215874slpinot.htm”, you'll immediately know 500 people clicked on “buy pinot” (wanted to buy the wine you featured).
    Handy “Quick-Compare” Feature: Lets you create a side-by-side comparison of up to five campaigns with the click of a button. Is this great or what?
    AOL Subscribers and CertifiedEmail Service: As a reputable sender, you benefit from our white-listed status with AOL, which means your email is received by your subscribers. In the future AOL might require a CertifiedEmail service (cost to be determined) and we will keep you apprised of any changes so you don’t miss a beat. This CertifiedEmail service places a stamp of approval (literally) on emails routed through its system on the way to AOL. AOL subscribers see that stamp - along with the email's images and links - and know the message is coming from a trusted source.
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