Other Services: either you must hire a graphic artist to design your email stationery or you must use their generic stationery. Generic stationery kills a brand, unless your logo is a clip-art type of creation.
MailingSmart: we have in-house graphic artists who craft your customized stationery with great pain to protect and build the quality of your brand. It amazes us how many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours of special attention to designing labels, websites, packaging, signage and then settle for generic, clip-art email stationery.
Other Services: you have limited choices of layouts/templates.
MailingSmart: we provide you with the ability to change your layouts (endless possibilities) at the click of your mouse. Accordingly, your layout “complements” each communication, rendering your message more impactful.
Other Services: you cannot send out emails that are automatically triggered by a special date or event such as a birthday or anniversary.
MailingSmart: you will dazzle your subscribers with email offers such as, “It has been a year since you purchased your painting from us. We’d like to celebrate with you over a special glass of Wine at our Gallery.” Or “Happy Birthday, all of us wish you a great day and hope you will enjoy an ice cream cone on us at Coldstone Creamery”. Sending out celebration communications is a valuable tool in building closer bonds with your customers and gets them back to your place of business. You can also use this feature to resend an email when a customer opens it and takes certain actions, but not others.
Other Services: their tools are rudimentary so that it takes time and effort to accomplish simple tasks such as comparing the results of email campaigns with one another and identifying who clicked on what.
MailingSmart: you can custom name links making the comparison of campaigns a snap. You’ll see 500 people clicked on “Buy Pinot” as opposed to “index1/pg3215874368slpinot.htm”. Accordingly, you will easily identify that 500 people clicked to buy your pinot and you’ll know who they are!
Other Services: you cannot schedule the automatic broadcasting of your emails hours or days later.
MailingSmart: with us you can, down to the minute of the day. As an example, you can schedule the broadcasting of a second email to go out 2 weeks after your initial announcement that reminds people “Elizabeth G’s opening is just 3 days away. Her paintings will transport you into expansive spaces.” So you are freed from the ball and chain of the calendar and can go on with your work, life, friends and family.
Other Services: do not have a system that gets your emails to AOL subscribers.
MailingSmart: we do and understand the importance of your emails reaching as many members as possible on your list…this is yet another way we deliver value to you.
Other Services: don’t have the option for subscribers to automatically “update/revise” their email address and profile. Instead they have to unsubscribe from your list, then go back into your website and re-enter their new email address…or worse call or email you so that you have to manually update their information.
MailingSmart: our emails have a link for subscribers to update/revise their own information conveniently. This feature saves you time. It also allows you to continue tracking your subscribers’ actions seamlessly.
Other Services: only send out your emails once. So folks, such as those whose mailboxes are temporarily full, will not receive your email.
MailingSmart: we continue to send your emails to hard-to-reach recipients 24 hours after the broadcast.
Other Services: can’t
MailingSmart: we automatically deliver your emails in both text and html, or, your emails can be viewed online. As a policy, many people view emails online in order to eliminate the risk of downloading viruses. With us, your subscribers can pick the format they prefer.
Other Services: don’t
MailingSmart: we have zip code radius searching, making it easy to find (and target) subscribers based on where they live or work. This feature lets you specify both the zip code and the range of distance (in miles, ranging from 5 to 50) to find anyone whose zip code falls within that radius. You can send out an email exclusively to those individuals.
Other Services: don’t
MailingSmart: we have top-notch list management that saves you time and money.
Other Services: don’t
MailingSmart: we have self-cleaning lists. Whenever formatting or delivery issues occur, those individuals will be removed from your list and put into an error bin for you to review so that you do not needlessly waste future emails on these individuals.
Other Services: don’t
MailingSmart: we have additional tools to help you accurately test how many phone calls your email campaigns deliver. Our service provides you with a unique telephone number that you can place on your emails. The special number tracks calls in real-time and captures the callers’ identity approximately 50% to 60% of the time.
Other Services: don’t
MailingSmart: we provide kiosks at your location for your customers to sign up to receive your emails. You also receive a signup page on your website. When the customer types in their own email address it saves you time, and it is 20-30% more accurate than having your staff transcribe an email address from a traditional guestbook.
Wise Tip: Every contact the public has with your company should reflect the quality and same look of

your brand… and not someone else’s clip art.
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